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This Safe Horseshoes System is made in America.

Sets up Indoors or Out.


·   Great benefit for veterans at any age and ability.

·   Tournament competitions available for veterans,
     which enhances their focus and concentration:

·   Tournament Photos.

Hospitals and Nursing Homes

·   Wheelchair participants excel.

·   Therapeutic health benefits.

·   Photos-July13

·   Photos-June13.

Health Clubs

·   Horseshoe Pitching is a great addition to any health club's offerings.

Military Day Rooms

·   Safe and fun activity for a military's base recreational room.

Office Activity

·   Safe and fun for office parties or activity rooms.

Cruise Ships

·   Safe and fun activity aboard ship.


·   Safe and fun activity at any vacation getaway.


·   Rubber horseshoes are safer than metal.


·   Builds confidence, and gets kids off the computer doing a physical activity.

·   Click here to see the Edison School Tournament News Video