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Rules and Regulations


1.    Count all system.

      a.     Each player or team receives credit for what they score.

      b.     Example – When each player or team pitches a ringer
       both player or team receives 3 points. No cancelation.

      c.     One (1) point is scored when the entire shoe comes
       to rest on the landing surface.

      d.     Two (2) points are scored when both shoes come to rest
       on the landing surface.

      e.     Each ringer is worth three (3) points.

      f.      A ringer plus a shoe entirely on the landing
       surface Is worth (4) points.

      g.     Two ringers are worth 6 points.

2.    Each game is divided into rounds, with each player
having two pitches per round.

3.    The first team to score twenty-one (21) points wins.

4.    Players can stand even or behind the stake they are pitching from and take one full stride past the stake not exceeding three feet from stake they are pitching from.

5.    There are four pitching distances: 5 ft, 10 ft, 20 ft, 30 ft,
(to accommodate variation in age, capability, health concerns or choice of competition).


·       The Kuchcinski Safe Pitch Horseshoe can be used on
any surface, indoors and out.

·     The  sturdy design  of the horseshoe is appropriate for
all skill and age levels.

·     The Safe Pitch Horseshoe Pitching System is designed
or the Safe Pitch 100%   

·     Rubber  Horseshoes Only.